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Say Hello to my New Website

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Hello everybody and welcome to my brand new website !

Say Goodbye to the old website and Hello to a brand new design!

I am happy to welcome you into this brand new virtual space where you will be able to navigate easily. You will still have access to my Video and Audio contents as well as to all my Pedagogical Material, but in a much more user friendly way.

You see, being an independent artist nowadays means that you also need to be your own manager, your own PR, your own booking agent and also your own web designer. My previous websites were the testimony of me trying really hard at being a web designer, but it was about time I got some help with that. In 2006, I was okay with creating a Myspace page, but creating a good website is a whole different ball game. Well, I am a very lucky man because my lovely wife happens to be a computer genius and to be kind enough to spend lots of time creating this lovely and highly-functional website for you guys. So please, take the time to visit all the pages and to press on all the links and buttons.

This new website features a “Blog” section that you are currently reading. You can interact with me here and leave me a comment to tell me how awesome this new website is. I will regularly post here on music-related subjects that are important to me.

Also, please take a moment to visit the new “Community” page where you can find out all the ways for us to stay in touch whether it is on YouTube, Spotify, Patreon or through my Newsletter.

Welcome again and happy browsing.


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Happy 2021!

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