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There are many ways you can join me and stay in touch. 


Join my community on Patreon

What is Patreon, you ask? In summary, it is a platform that allows creators, including musicians like myself, to create and share their craft with patrons, like you, thanks to your sponsorship that can be monthly or per post.

On this platform, I share my original work as well as arrangements from other pieces (including charts!), exclusive premiere of my work & collaborations and live performances with other artists.

The money you pledge to my page allows me to finance multiple things, ranging from the time to work on my music to the equipment and recording time needed to produce the music and videos I publish for you.

More details on Patreon at this link.

Subscribe to my newsletter

I know it's a lot of platforms to go through to find the latest on my activities, so I have the solution for you! My newsletter will provide you every update you need in one single spot. Get updates on my latest compositions, collaborations, performances and releases! 


Picture Credit to Takehiko Tokiwa 

Subscribe, Like, Play & Share!

In this digital world, there is no better way to join my community than to find me on social media & streaming platforms. You can find me pretty much everywhere from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify to Apple Music! When you do find me, subscribe, follow, like, play and share my music! 

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Come see me Live!

As things are slowly but surely getting better, there will be more opportunities to see me performing live! 

I will keep my event calendar up-to-date so you know where to find me when I am performing.

Read posts available only on this website

This website has a blog section where you can interact with me! I will regularly post here on music-related subjects that are important to me. You can see some of my latest posts below.

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