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Hi there! My name is Michaël Valeanu and welcome to my website.

As you may know, I am a guitarist based in New York and I wanted to create a space where I can share my work with you.


Here, you can explore my work as a performer, composer and educator through articles, videos and links to my music.

You will also learn a little bit more about my life as a musician, my collaborations, my aspirations and my thoughts about music.

I use different platforms to build a community to share my work & thoughts. So, whether you enjoy listening to my music or want to learn more about playing the guitar, I can help you find which platform has what you are looking for! 

Michael Valeanu by Rori Palazzo



« Michael’s fleet-finger solo here will make guitar enthusiasts sit up and take notice. » - Downbeat

« Michael Valeanu displays ample ability to cook on his guitar » - Jazz Weekly

« This highly melodic number - driven by infectious guitar driven groove - features sparkling improvisations from Valeanu » - All About Jazz

« New York based French Guitarist Michael Valeanu is one of the most promising talents and exciting players of a new generation of Jazz guitarists » - Guitar Mania

« The Organ Trio repertoire will be rejuvenated by Michael Valeanu’s record Hard To Cook » - Hot House

Picture Credit to Rori Palazzo 

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